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Eken Is Dead - "Tour Map"

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Eken Is Dead - "Tour Map"

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About The Video:

Tour Map is a peek behind the curtain to recap EID's first five years together. It features footage from many of the 300+ shows EID has played across the United States and and Canada. You'll see familiar faces throughout the video as well as cameos from notable punk heroes Greg Hetson and Jason DeVore, Beer Punks Justin, Mike Spero, Danny McElwain (False Alliance), Dave and Adam O'Rourke (2Cents), Felony Ron himself and many others. It also happens to be Felony Ron's first fully directed video complete with finishing touches from Emmy Award Winning Director, Steve Guerrero. Tour Map marks the third video installment from EID's latest release, "What Lies In The Mirror" as a lighthearted counterpoint to their often serious video subject matter. We hope the fans and friends will enjoy this look into the delirium and madness that comes with life on the road as the boys begin working on their next project slated for a late spring release.

Band Bio:

What is Eken Is Dead you ask? EID stands for taking the next step in your life; It's conquering your old dreams and moving on to the new. It's killing off what you once believed in and fighting for what matters to you today.

Eken Is Dead (say it like wreck, not eek) is a Los Angeles, CA based four-piece band playing elements of hard rock, alternative, metal and punk. Since it's inception in 2008, EID has earned a well deserved reputation based on professionalism and commitment to excellence. Whether an intimate local show or a packed House of Blues, EID has consistently brought their high intensity and charismatic presence to every single one of their shows. In addition to the relentless live schedule for which they have toured both nationally and internationally, EID has independently produced and released two full length albums including their latest effort, What Lies in the Mirror. EID's "No Retreat, No Surrender" attitude is evident as everyday is treated as an opportunity. They continue to grow musically while sharing stages with influential artists and turning on new listeners, all without ever compromising their integrity as musicians or humans. It is this commitment that sets them apart.

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